Hope is a Journey….

To Live….

To Live:  To have life; be alive; be capable of vital functions to direct or regulate one’s life.  To experience or enjoy life to the full.”

This past year, I have done exactly that.  I have touched the summit of the mountain of joy and fought desperately to rise from rock bottom.  Through highs and lows, this past year I have “Lived.”

Far too often people go through the motions in life and merely ‘exist’ – sometimes it’s a choice and other times it’s something that you fall into without even knowing it.  It happens slowly and subtly…and before you know it, LIFE is passing you by.

I had some hard lessons this past year…

I learned that even though people say they’re your ‘friends’ – that’s not always the case, and even those you’ve reached out to help can be vicious, hateful and hurtful.

I learned that REAL friends won’t believe everything they hear and will actually think about the things they’re told and go to the source and ask questions and see things for what they are…and those who believe everything they hear through an ever changing grapevine of lies – you just don’t need them.

I’ve learned that a lot of  people will sing your praises and be kind to you as long as you have something to offer…once they no longer need you, the things that are important to you no longer matter to them. (that was a tough pill to swallow)

I learned that, no matter how hard you try…you can’t please everyone all the time – and, no matter what you do, there will always be someone out there who will find fault with it.

I learned that I am stronger than I ever knew I was.

I learned that even in our deepest suffering there is divine beauty, even if we never see it or are unable to see it through our own pain….it is still there.

AND….despite those hard lessons, I also learned some pretty incredible things…

I learned that what you do with what happens to you matters more than what actually happened.

I learned that you don’t need to be everything to everyone….but what you are to someone can make all the difference.

I learned that love can run deeper than you can ever dream, and despite the toughest of times, love can light the way.

I learned that joy is all around me – I just had to refocus my view.

I learned that NOTHING is impossible….even if it seems that it is…

I learned that HOPE is contagious.

I learned that pain is relative.

I learned that fear can consume you…if you let it.

I learned that letting go and getting it out is not only freeing but it is healing….

I learned that, even during our most difficult times, we can still find our way through them without losing ourselves.

I learned that things don’t always go as planned, but they go as they are meant to be.

I learned that we can make the best of the worst….

Some people think about their birthdays and they cringe…they get depressed…they become somber, or fall into a deep denial that another year has come.

Me, I  think about my birthday and welcome it with open arms.  I guess that, when you are told you have a disease that can take your life – you look at things differently.

You see, every day that I put my feet on the floor is a good day and it’s a day that you celebrate and do your best not to take for granted.

SO today, I welcome my 34th birthday with gratitude because I know each day is precious, not promised.

This afternoon at the lake...enjoying the breeze. Life is good!

Here’s to another year!

Love and Light,


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