Hope is a Journey….

My Family

I married my soul mate, Ralph on August 4th, 2001.

When we said, “I DO” – neither of us knew what was ahead, but our vows of ‘for better or worse’ have gotten us through some of the most difficult and uncertain times.

After all these years, I can honestly say that I would never want to share my life with anyone else.

In 2003, we welcomed in our first child, a son – Will.  Life changed drastically and our ‘expectation’ of what was supposed to happen was shattered by the reality that ‘normal’ was not within our reach.

In 2005, we welcomed in our 2nd and final child, a daughter, Sasha.  Our hopes of ‘simplicity’ with the 2nd child were crushed as they whisked her away within minutes of her birth and placed her on a ventilator.

To say that we have had our fair share of heartache and sleepless nights would be an understatement….but we have also had joy and love that knows no boundaries.

We live life a bit different from most.  Due to all of our medical adventures, we lived with my parents for 11 years.  It was wonderful to have such loving grandparents be such a close and integral part of our children’s lives.

During that time, my aunt moved in and it made things even sweeter!

In 2014, our family took a big leap of faith and moved south…it was a decision that we don’t regret!

Since 2014, our family has endured many medical ups and downs, but through it all, we’ve clung to our faith and have had HOPE as our anchor!

Family, to us – is not strictly ‘blood related’ – in fact, Will and Sasha have countless ‘Aunties’ and ‘Uncles’ and I even have a few extra ‘adopted sisters’ who have made my life so much richer than I could ever have dreamed!

We have many wonderful people in our lives and we count every blessing as it comes as we know that each day is precious, not promised.

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  1. Yay, I am featured in the BLOG! Wow, love the layout, way to go you and Chels! I will be looking forward to your posts as little glimpses of hope throughout the tough school year. Lots of love my sister,

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