Hope is a Journey….

September has been a whirlwind of a month for me.  A LOT happened in September – it was crazier than almost any other month I’ve had this year!

Looking back upon the past 25 days, one phrase keeps echoing in my head:  “There’s a first time for everything…”

You see, September was a month of “Firsts” for me – some of them were INCREDIBLE…..some were scary….and some were challenging…..but I learned and grew so much from each of my ‘Firsts” – – – – – – >

∞My first Kickstarter Campaign came to a successful end having raised 333% of my original goal  (Which I am now getting ready to deliver all the rewards to those who pledged!)

∞I tirelessly worked to complete my goal of creating an album that was a huge deviation from my comfort zone.

∞I also recorded my first duet with an incredible musician, Dave Munro.

∞I created my first ‘band’ shirt!

∞ I recorded one of my songs with Air Traffic Controller

∞ I planned my first ever music benefit concert with my best friend and soul sister, Chelsea Hertzog!

∞ All 4 of our close knit group – (My Mito Sisters) were in the hospital at the same time…

∞ I even finished planning the Show of Hope from my hospital bed – while teaching Will and Sasha that we really can achieve our dreams even if there are obstacles

∞ I had my first PICC line placed…and had to learn how to navigate around without my IV tubing getting caught on everything (for those who know me, I am not the most graceful person, so this was and still is a huge adjustment!)

∞ I got to meet some really great people in person FINALLY!

∞ Beast became a Hero’s Sidekick….

∞ I was featured in Boston Music Spotlight Magazine and Show of Hope was featured as a ‘top pick’ for the weekend!

∞ Chelsea and I shared our story and it hit the local papers trying to raise awareness
Chelmsford Patch Article
Chelmsford Independent Article

∞ Songs from my new album were played on the radio and I got to share some air time with Dave Munro, Casey Sullivan, and Liz Longley on WCAP!

∞ I got to perform at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium (not many people can say they’ve done that!)

∞ I got to share the stage with my 2 heroes

∞ I got to sing my first ever duet on stage with Dave Munro!  (And he was awesome!)

AND….If you want to hear both of these performances (and a few more) – my friend was gracious enough to post them on youtube for me:

Loud and Clear

Not Alone

PS…if you like what you hear, you can purchase the new album, UNLEASHED online by going to www.hoperisingmusic.com

∞ My album released at one of the greatest ‘Release Parties’ I could ever want!

∞ And I got to share the stage with some incredible people

Photograph Courtesy of Mark Battle * http://www.markbattle.com

And most importantly…..

∞ I got to spend some time with some close friends….and begin new friendships….and SHARE my HOPE with SO many others!!!

(To see more pictures of the Show of Hope through the eyes of my friend Nicole by clicking HERE!)

As September comes to a close, I will kiss the month goodbye with my 34th birthday.   I am looking forward to beginning another year filled with promise, love, joy, and HOPE!

Thanks for peeking!

Love and Light,


Comments on: "There’s a first time for everything…." (2)

  1. Hi Stefano, You never cease to amaze me with your accomplishments and incredibly positive attitude. You are one of a kind! Wishing you all things bright and beautiful and great success in your multitude of endeavors. Love & Blessings, Nynah

  2. Wow, I remember each event, but all in the month of September….so many wonderful accomplishments, you are amazing. It’s only the 25th of September, what else is in store besides your BD? Show of Hope was inspiring – a gift. Jim and I enjoyed getting to know Ralph, he is a special guy. Will had a lot of questions for Jim on flags, etc. Cute! Hope you take a much deserved rest. Thank you Chelsea and Stefani.

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