Hope is a Journey….

If this were your child….

Every 30 minutes, a child is born who will develop a
mitochondrial disease by age 10.

Each year, 1000 to 4000 children in the United states are born with a
mitochondrial disease.

80% of children diagnosed will not live to adulthood.

If this were your child….would this statistic be acceptable to you?????

Please take a moment to listen to this song and watch the video I created to honor all of the children who did not live to adulthood.

While adults are affected by this disease, TODAY….I am remembering the children.

Today I light a candle in memory of all of the “Little Birds” who have lost their battle with Mitochondrial Disease.

“We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

This song comes from a very special place in my heart.

We all are “Little Birds” in our own right. Some of us have had years to grow our wings, some of us grew our wings before we were ready to let them go…and still others have not yet discovered their wings or even tried to fly.

When I decided to create a video for this song, I reached out to several families who had lost a loved one to Mitochondrial Disease. Each family graciously allowed me share with you all a very personal look into the lives of their precious ones. It is an honor that I will cherish and I can only hope that I have been able to relay to you just how much each of these children have changed our world before they left their earthly nests.

Emma Dalton, Eithene Hilliard, Brittany Wilkinson, Isabella (Ella) Magee, Bridget & Dominic Nuccitelli, Parker Harmon, James McKay, Maggie Agnew, Alexis Roung, Ellie Wilkinson, and Madison Grantham – and every other “Little Bird” who has ‘journeyed to the shore’ – each of your lives have shined a beacon of light into our hearts. You will forever live on in spirit carried on the wings of our love.  It is today….and EVERY day that I will remember you, and all of those who have fought and lost their battle to Mitochondrial Disease.

I will continue to fight for a cure for Mitochondrial Disease….this is why I am doing the Show of Hope with Chelsea. Please consider supporting the event – you can either buy tickets online or simply make a secure donation towards the event.

One life lost is too many……

Never Forget

To learn more about Mitochondrial Disease, please visit: www.umdf.org

Love and Light,


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