Hope is a Journey….

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words…

I beg to differ…

It’s worth more…so much more than that.

It’s worth pure joy….

It’s worth unmeasurable HOPE…

It’s worth incredible peace…

It’s worth sweet stillness…

It’s worth countless smiles…

It’s worth precious moments…

It’s worth priceless moments…

It’s worth boundless energy…

It’s worth endless promise…

It’s worth indescribable beauty…

It’s worth superhuman strength…

And because it’s worth all of these things and SO much more, Hope Rising Photography was born.

My aim is to inspire and invoke HOPE as you look at life through a different lens.

I’m excited to share MY HOPE with you in a different way.

I’m excited to show you a different perspective.

Through all of my life experiences, I have always seen the importance of capturing ALL moments that life has to offer –

the good,

the not so good,

the unexpected,

and the ordinary moments.

To me, every moment matters…

So PLEASE feel free to help spread the word, ‘like’ my page on Facebook, and – if there’s a picture on the website that you like – feel free to reach out to me through the website and let me know.

***MOST photographs are available for purchase. See website for more details.

Above all else, I hope you take a moment to just browse the website and take a glimpse into life the way I see it.  😉

So…what’s a picture worth to you?

Hope is a journey….let’s take it together.

Love and Light,


*Photos may be shared as long as they are not altered*


Comments on: "What’s it worth to you???" (1)

  1. As always, Stefani, you are amazing! And from one shutterbug to another – so are your photos : ) I Thanks for sharing!! L&B,9

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