Hope is a Journey….

Follow Your Dreams!

This post, I am going to deviate from my usual path.  I wanted to share with you some wisdom from a truly inspirational man named Steve Katsos.   The following is a statement Steve posted on Facebook a while back – I was struck by the power in his words, the drive in his heart, and the vision he had to achieve his goal.

Rejection=Pain. Pain=Fuel. Fuel=Never Give Up. Never Give Up=Success. Success=Redemption. In short Rejection=Redemption, and Success comes from Pain, but you have to complete the math to get the result. So, Never Give Up! Follow your dreams…” ~Steve Katsos

Let’s think about this for a moment….dissect it a bit, because there’s SO MUCH to be said about his statement.

Rejection = Pain

I know all of us, at one time or another have felt the pain of rejection.  For some, we feel the sting of it more frequently than others….and, for others, we feel it stronger than most.

But rejection is a funny thing….it reveals the deepest and most vulnerable places within us – the places that, when penetrated, the pain is almost unbearable to survive.


In the darkest and deepest depths of our pain, when it feels like everything is caving in on us, you have the choice to let it completely consume you….

But the truth is….

And you can use the hurt….the pain….to be the spark that ignites a fire within…

Let the pain fuel your dreams, your desires, your hopes.

Fuel=Never Give Up

You see, what drives us is what eventually heals us and moves us…it’s this unexplainable force that pushes us to never give up on the things in life that really matter.

Never Give Up=Success

Success is not measured by how many attempts you make…it is measured by how hard you work and how steadfast you are in your resolve to reach your goal while on the road to achieving your dreams.


For all the times that people gave up on you….

For all the times that you got knocked down and got back on your feet and you got right back up –  brushing off every speck of doubt as you carried on towards your dream…

The time WILL COME for you….the time in which you find redemption within your own heart…and others will see your success and realize how judgmental and close minded they had been.

You’ll realize that everything that you’ve ever needed was always within you – Hope, Faith, Strength, Courage, Determination…it’s all there!

Truly, anything worth having takes perseverance….which takes fuel, which takes pain, which takes vulnerability, which takes a a dream to start the process.

I wish each and every one of you reading this blog could realize and believe that the power to follow your heart (and your dreams) is within you.  I’m glad that there are people like Steve Katsos in this world because they remind us of how amazing we can be and how rewarding it is to follow your dreams.

I look forward to sharing the stage with him tomorrow night on The Steve Katsos Show as he kicks off the second half of his third season.  When he started his show, he was just a guy with a dream and a small crew recording a local cable access program in Arlington….and, even though he has found success….he’ll tell you that he’s still just a guy with a dream. The reality is that he’s living that dream with his own talk show that now airs in over 13 million homes weekly in the US and Europe!

What’s so great about Steve is that he’s down to earth….he’s just a Greek guy who’s allergic to cats (though he’d love to own one!) living a dream that he never gave up on……and that is SUCH an inspiration to me!

There are others in my life that are like Steve….and it would be so great to do a blog on each of them – People like Liz Longley, Dave Munroe, Randy Pierce, Kate Estes, Lisa Higgins, Scottie Sommers, and so many more….but that’s for another post….coming soon, of course.

For right now, let Steve’s words be a reminder to us all that we can do anything we put our minds to – we just need to follow our dreams!

Love and Light,


Oh…..PS….be on the lookout for some exciting news at the end of this week  – I’ve got something cookin’ – but, for right now, it’s a secret!!!!!

I promise I will let the cat out of the bag then….  😉

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