Hope is a Journey….

Show Your Hope

After 2 weeks in the hospital, I am finally…

Nothing like 2 weeks of being held captive to a hospital bed to force you to take a long hard look at life. (and for those wondering, I will be posting another blog shortly about the rest of the hospital stay and also about the final thought on what happened and what went so wrong…so stay tuned!)

It’s funny how you get set in your ways….

You think you know exactly what you want…

But often times, it couldn’t be further from what you need

Some never realize this – and others, well – it takes something to shake you from your comfort zone to see it.

I mean, imagine if God gave us advance notice that He was about to send us a wake up call….

We’d batten down the hatches and put up our best defenses

But…if we were prepared for every crisis or life changing event, then the element of surprise and fear wouldn’t rock you to your core…and maybe the change we truly NEED would never take place.

Fear is a great motivator…

And, for the first 11 days of my hospitalization, I struggled a lot with fear.

It’s scary to have a war rage on within…knowing that one day, you will likely lose that war no matter how hard you fight

And when things felt their darkest….when it felt like the fear was going to eat me alive…

HOPE began to light my way.

I had plenty of time to think…

To reflect…

To let every moment of stillness build inside of me and PUSH me to fight my way out.

At the time, I didn’t see a single slice of ‘blessing‘ in any of what I was going through.

But as I neared my 14th day, the picture became clear to me.

I decided that I had A LOT of things that I still wanted to do in life…

And I came to the conclusion that there were many things in life that just weren’t worth the energy.

So I made a promise to myself…

That I would refocus my priorities…

I would reconnect with those I’ve drifted from…

And I would make every moment matter….because it does.

To that end…I have decided to do more with my music…

More with my family…

More with my community…

More with my blog…

And above all else….EVERYTHING I do will be with all my heart….

I just wish that it didn’t take something BIG to show me how all the little things mattered more

Thank you to EVERYONE who has read this blog, left me messages, kept me in their prayers, visited me, sent me cheer, been there in spirit, and supported me through these past few weeks (and months…and for some – years)…

I am SO incredibly blessed!

Love and Light,


Comments on: "Show Your Hope" (1)

  1. Carol Miletti said:

    We should all live our lives this way Stef. Sorry you had to learn it such a hard way. So glad you’re home, and please stay out of the hospital now for a VERY VERY VERY long time.
    Could you please make that your New Year’ Resolution??

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