Hope is a Journey….


You are a masterpiece

You are a work in progress

Your canvas was once a blank slate

But your journey has been carefully documented over time with countless colorful strokes from  many different brushes

Layer by layer, you have made your way through this world

And along the way you’ve even had some amazing additions to your canvas from the people in your life

Sometimes you have struggled with the darker brush strokes

But without the darkness, the beauty of light has no contrast to blossom from

Remember, that we don’t always see

the whole picture

And we have to trust in the pallet

And sometimes it’s hard because you feel alone and empty on your journey

But there is so much color ahead…awaiting your arrival

Please take heart my friend…the final strokes have not been made

You are a work in progress…

Your troubles will pass like the seasons

And your brush strokes will be plenty

So take comfort in my words

And NEVEREVER forget….that you are a masterpiece

Love and Light,


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