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10,000 Thanks

I apologize for the delay in posting this blog – life had gotten quite busy in tying up some loose ends and getting ready for our vacation to Myrtle Beach (that blog post will come later this week – jam packed FULL of fun! – but here’s a teaser picture for you!).

So here’s what I MEANT to post a few weeks ago….

I logged into my blog a few weeks back and noticed that I hit a pretty cool milestone!

So, without further delay….


8 Months

35 Posts

35,126 Words

1085 Pictures



Viewed in 104 Different Countries

When I went through the statistics, I couldn’t believe that what started out to be something small – blossomed into something much bigger than anticipated. I am so humbled.

What’s even more surprising is, that –  in less than a month from hitting this milestone, I already have 2,347 additional views!

SO…Here’s a BIG

To everyone who has been reading, sharing, and commenting on my blog.

I promise
to continue to share my world with you…

The amazing moments…

The mundane moments….

The inspiring moments…

The heartbreaking moments…

The exciting moments….

And the darkest moments…

Why, you ask?

Because, in the past 8 months – I have met SO many people through my blog…

SO many who have experienced similar struggles…

or have been inspired by what I’ve written.

I’ve been blessed and encouraged by others through some of the darkest times…

And I have learned so much about ‘living’ through some of my readers and their stories…

While I find great release in writing this blog…

I have also learned so much about who I am, where I stand, the woman/mother/wife/daughter/friend I want to be, the difference I want to make, and the way I want to live my life…

I promise to live a life of purpose…

And Perspective….

Positively living and changing lives every chance I get…

For the truth is that every moment is PRECIOUS not PROMISED….

These next few weeks are going to be extremely busy with catching up from being on vacation for 2 weeks, Will’s 9th birthday (where does the time go?), a trip back to D.C. to lobby for legislation for Mitochondrial Disease Research and a Mito Conference, working on our community garden plot, Father’s Day, finishing up the school year with the kids, running a blood drive, planning the Beer Tasting (September 29th), celebrating my mom & aunt’s birthday, preparing for the 4th of July events for both IDF & UMDF, and a trip to Canobie Lake with NEPIN (New England Primary Immune Network)….and having some extra fun in between ALL of that!

Be on the lookout for quite a few blog posts about our endeavors!

Until then, THANK YOU all again – your support and sharing of my blog means so much to me!

There’s more to come…..

Here’s to 10,000 more views……

Love and Light,


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