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An Honor

How do you begin to describe what it feels like to be chosen out of hundreds of individuals as one of the top 50 most inspirational women in the region from the Mill Era (1830’s) to present?

Really, I don’t think you can.

I received a phone call from Linda Chemlay at the end of May telling me that I had been chosen along with 49 other women as trailblazers in our region.  Not only was I speechless, but I was humbled and honored to be included with individuals like Olympia Dukakis, Bette Davis, Anne Sullivan, Eileen Donoghue, Nancy Donahue, Niki Tsongas, Carol Cleven, Pat Bradley, Edith Nourse Rogers, Rosalind Elias, Harriet Rogers, Rita Mercier, Evelyn Reardon, Lucy Larcom, Janet Hall and SO many more.

Click here to view the write up – I am on page W38-W39 and also on W53, but I encourage you all to read the entire spread a ALL the women featured in this spread are inspirational and their stories are ones to be shared!

Quite honestly, everything that I’ve done I couldn’t have done alone.  I had help from God, Ralph, my parents, my children, my aunt Louise, my nieces (Brittany, Kaitlyn and Corynne), my hardworking ‘partners in crime’ (Michelle Fox, Angie Taranto, Joanne Stanway, and Chelsea Hertzog), my amazing friends, my incredible community…I was not a one woman army making all of my endeavors a success!

So, here’s to ALL of you who have supported my vision, my efforts, my events, my journey.  I share this honor with each and every one of you – without your support, encouragement, participation, and belief in what I was doing – none of it would have been possible!

Courtesy of Eric Sciacca

Courtesy of Eric Sciacca

Courtesy of Eric Sciacca

Courtesy David Andrews

Courtesy of Eric Sciacca

Courtesy Eric Sciacca

I cannot end this post without honoring some of my biggest inspirations….and though I can’t name them all, I can name a few….

Richard and Marion Morris

Brittany Wilkinson

Eithene Hilliard

Emma Frances Dalton

Ellie Wilkinson

Ella Magee

Maggie Agnew

Madison Grantham

Bridget Nuccitelli

Dominic Nuccitelli

And so many more……

We fight in your honor, we live in your honor, we love in your honor…


We owe it to each other….

Here’s to many more endeavors together!

Love and Light,


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