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There Are No Words

As our Nation mourns for those affected by the tragedy in CT, I find myself struggling to find meaning….give reason or purpose to this horrific event.  Such senseless violence has been met with unfathomable grief.  Innocence ripped from this earth, whether it be 6 years old or 50 years old…it’s heartbreaking just the same.


Yesterday, I wrote a song….actually, it poured right out of me.  I played it through once, and then headed outside as the sun began to set to record this for you all.  It is imperfect, at best….but grief is imperfect.  It is my prayer for you all.  May you find comfort and peace within this song – and may it shine some light into this dark, dark world.


Please listen to the words…they are words we should all live by.

Love and Light,


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