Hope is a Journey….


The crisp air of the morning kisses my face…..today is a new day….a day to be cherished. Today, like all days, I find more and more to be thankful for.

It doesn’t matter the things that we face – as long as we face them together….it doesn’t matter how tough times get – as long as they we hold on to each other through the tough times….it doesn’t matter how uncertain the path ahead is – as long as we walk it with the ones we love, nothing else matters.

I won’t lie to you and say that these past few years have been easy or fun – they have not.

I won’t lie to you and tell you that I don’t long for my children to not have to face weekly infusions, treatments, or life threatening diseases….because I DO long for them to live life without pain….what parent doesn’t want that for their child? BUT, what I CAN tell you is that I have learned SO much through our journey over the years – about myself, about my family – our rock through the tough times, about the resilience of my 2 amazing children who never cease to shine despite the road they face….about my incredible friends who are our strength and our shoulder through the sadness and uncertainty…..I have learned to see the absolute blessings that have been bestowed upon us despite our struggles. And, had we not encountered such struggles – I believe we may not be able to see the blessings and the priceless treasures we have in life.

I have learned to be thankful for every moment no matter how good or bad…to be thankful for the unexpected because it teaches us so much about ourselves and each other….to be thankful for the simple things in life because those are the things that truly matter most….to be thankful for the good times because they enrich our spirits and give us joy….to be thankful for the hard times because they help us to grow and strengthen our spirit….to be thankful for the uncertain times because they teach us how to be patient and how to lean on each other….to be thankful for the victories because we see that all the fighting and struggle has meaning…..to be thankful for the tears and the sadness because we learn to have Hope and Faith….to be thankful for the peace because we find comfort and perspective in that peace….to be thankful for even the scariest of times because we learn to have Courage in the face of the unknown…..to be thankful for every second because it’s precious in its own light….to be thankful for every heartbeat because there is no greater gift….to be thankful for the beauty within the thorns – because without pain there could be no growth…to be thankful for the joy of life regardless of the hand you are dealt……to KNOW in your heart that, with God, you are stronger than anything that can happen to you and to take refuge in the knowledge that, no matter what happens…as long as you have each other to hold on to through the storms that life can throw your way – there is no greater blessing than that.

The depth of our gratitude to those of you who have stood with us and held on to us through the storms cannot be articulated properly, there just are no words…..your support and your strength during those times were (*and continue to be) the most precious gift ever….

Love and Light,


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