Hope is a Journey….

Out with the Old….

Oh, 2013…you have been an interesting one.  This year has caused our cup to runneth over – with love, heartache, compassion, peace, joy, uncertainty, fear…and HOPE.


I could probably take up A LOT of internet space here just talking about our year – and, I actually started doing so in a separate post that I decided to scrap.  You know why???  Because, instead of going into great detail about it all, I’d rather just sum it up simply.  I apologize for the late posting – but 2013 had a rough ending and I’m just finally catching up and getting back into the swing of things.  I’ve got a few blog posts to catch up on – but this one seems most fitting to post now.

We laughed…..

We cried…..

We struggled….

We persevered and fought hard…

We were brave….

We were scared….


We were joyful…

We were weary….

But no matter what, all that mattered was that were were together.

And, after reflecting about this entire year – one thing stands out.  Regardless of every hard moment, every scary moment, every uncertain moment – we had SO MANY beautiful, wonderful, fulfilling, promising moments that carried us though.

We have been blessed beyond measure to have a wonderful family that has stood by us and been there for us through it all.  I could not be more grateful to have a mother, father, aunt, and niece to share a home with and wage these battles together.

We have been truly humbled and inspired by our dear friends (both near and far) who have given us strength and comfort (or a good swift kick in the rear) when we needed it most.

We have had a wonderful school staff (and home school teacher/tutor) that (despite my frustrations over trivial things), have been outstanding in their support for our children and have genuinely loved them through some pretty difficult times.

We have the most amazing medical team that communicates clearly, honestly, and respectfully – keeping in mind our desire to keep things as non-invasive and minimal as possible.  They are dedicated, hard working, and have brought back pieces of Sasha (in particular) and Will that I never dreamed I’d see.  Without this team, I fear we’d still be muddling along trying to find our way as we watched our kids continue to regress or lack forward progress.

There have been times during this year that I have felt like I couldn’t catch my breath….like every step we took forward – we would take 3 steps back.  I’ll be honest – I have had some really huge fears come to the surface this year – and those fears were real and warranted, but I had to learn (and am still learning) to let go of the things I cannot control and embrace whatever comes our way as tightly and lovingly as I can.

And yes, there were tough times in 2013…here are a few of the toughest times this year:
Learning Sasha was continuing to regress developmentally
Watching Sasha lose skills
Hearing how rough things were going medically for both of the kids
Will being bullied at school
My other family members struggling medically
Watching Sasha’s little body struggle to regulate itself – and then, despite our best efforts – accepting that we had done everything we could non-invasively to mitigate it.

And ultimately being left with decisions to make – despite the fact that there were no ‘good‘ or ‘easy‘ options.

BUT….there were also SO MANY good times this year.

Here are some of the most incredible times of 2013:
Watching both children work hard and make progress during physical therapy (and Occupational Therapy for Sasha)


Watching Will and Sasha (and my niece) blossom into amazing little advocates:


Time with old friends

Amazing new friends who became family….

Special Memories

Big Moments

Fundraising and Blood Drives…

So yes…2013 had some really crappy moments, I won’t lie to you.  BUT – the beautiful, breathtaking, empowering, and wonderful moments take center stage to remind us that, even in the darkest times – suffering bleeds joy.


May 2014 be a better one for all of us,


Love and Light,



Oh, and P.S. – We’ve got some pretty awesome things on tap for 2014 – Stay Tuned!

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  1. Nynah Mason said:

    Hi Stef and family. Your perpetually upbeat attitude never ceases to humble me. As you all endure and overcome I withdrawl and suck my thumb. (Not a pretty picture but sometimes the best I can do. ) Your posts fill me with hope thst some day I’ll find the strength to do even 10% of what you acompomplish with grace. Bless you for all you do! Nynah

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