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In Memory

The other day, I received a check in the mail with a donation to my Kickstarter in memory of Brittany Wilkinson.

In an instant, all the feelings I felt the day I learned she had passed away hit me like a ton of bricks.  A flood of tears poured from my eyes.
I had known Brittany through Facebook and all of her advocacy work with patients with Mitochondrial Disease.

I was finally able to meet Brittany at the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation’s National Conference in 2009.  We talked about service dogs, her beautiful voice, her passion to help others.  She was truly one of a kind.

September 6th, 2009 – the world forever changed.  Brittany Wilkinson – a brave warrior who battled and courageously faced Mitochondrial Disease with astounding courage and grace – was taken from this earth because of a negligent medical staff who ignored her pleas for help after a routine procedure (you can read more about this tragic story here).  And, while how Brittany died is certainly an important thing to discuss (saved for a later blog post), I’d rather tell you who she was and how she lived.

Brittany was always a bright and vibrant individual.  She loved Jesus and devoted her life to being a disciple for Him.  She was a beautiful Spirit that talked to The Lord daily and was quick to forgive and ask forgiveness.
No matter how she felt physically or emotionally, she was selfless – always putting others first, no matter how much pain and weakness she had.
She was a pure spirit – honest, loving, kind.   She never went to bed upset, and always wanted to make things right…she never held a grudge.
She loved babies and animals.  She was smart and considerate.
She was a great daughter and sister and auntie to two sweet precious little ones.
Most importantly, she devoted her life to bringing souls to the Kingdom and helping others.

She was a voice for so many – she wanted to find a cure at all cost. She was a leader for her cause: Mitochondrial Disease and was a Youth Ambassador for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Her determination and drive created the “Brittany Wilkinson Mitochondrial Research and Treatment Act.”

I echo the sentiments of what her mother said, “I could go on and on (about Brittany), but it’s all true…and that’s why she left a hand print on every heart.”

Today, my heart is heavy as I think about all the wonderful things this world is missing out on because Brittany isn’t here…but I also take comfort in the fact that, every life she touched (including mine) can carry on her legacy and shine her spirit through the things that they do, the lives that they can touch, and the ways in which they can be the voice of change and love in this world.  It is for that reason that I will be dedicating my next album, “Suffering Bleeds Joy” to Brittany’s memory.

Please take a moment and read about Brittany’s life and her family’s efforts HERE.

I challenge each and every one of you to carry a piece of Brittany’s legacy with them and LIVE life with fullness, love, grace, forgiveness, and hope… just like she did.  If we all did this, I know the world would be a better place.

Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Brittany Wilkinson…..

1010782_10201072647885937_1657509560_nIn Loving Memory
June 6th, 1991 – September 6th, 2009

Love and Light,

Comments on: "In Memory" (4)

  1. Ramona Martin said:

    How very beautiful!!

  2. Linda Wilkinson said:

    I’m overwhelmed with emotion. This means so much to me. I am humbled.. Linda

    • Linda,
      Our love extends to you and your family across the miles. Brittany was and always will be a light in this world and I feel it is important to shine her light as a reminder of what all of us are called to be/do in this world. My comfort and love to you, my dear Sister in Christ.

    • Love to you, Linda. XOXO

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