Hope is a Journey….


After a Season of Silence…my cold fingertips danced across the ivory keys – it was as if not a day had passed since their last encounter.  Within hours, 4 songs were born.


It had felt like forever since I just opened up and released what had been contained for more than a year.   I couldn’t believe the rawness and the depth of the emotion that poured out of me.  It was as if it had been pounding on the floodgates relentlessly just waiting for the moment that stopped fighting it.  That moment was one of the most powerful moments I have ever had.


Over the next 2 weeks, another 6 songs crept their way across the blank paper that rested upon my piano top.  It was then, that I knew that it was time to make another album.  Since then, I’ve written enough songs to fill an entire album…and then some!

Suffering Pic

Originally, back in 2011, I had planned on immediately working on and releasing another album  after “Unleashed” came out given the fact that I had more than 50 songs waiting in the wings.  Life, at the time, had other plans.  Between all of my own medical chaos and new issues arising for my children (medically and academically), the time was not right – and I was not willing to embark on a project that I could only give ‘some’ of myself to.  If I was going to do another album, I would do it when I was able to give ALL of myself to it….and that time is NOW!

I have prayed about this, I have spent hours planning this, I have talked with Ralph about this, and I have reached out to those who have worked with me before – everything is falling into place, and I can’t be more excited and more driven to make this project become a reality!  I’ve spent hours with my friend, Rob Marshall, revamping and updating the Hope Rising Website (you should check it out…I think it came out great!), my friend Matt Hanson has spent hours editing and creating a fantastic video…and I have even snuck into the studio for a few hours in preparation for THIS moment….

I learned so much from making my first two albums…I have new ideas, fresh songs, and (hopefully) an inspiring message to share with the world – but I need YOUR help to make it happen!

How can I help?” You ask…..

There are a few ways in which you can help:

1. Head on over to my Kickstarter page and select a “Rewards Package” that strikes your fancy.

2. Share the page with your friends, family…EVERYONE you know via Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, email, snail mail…any way you can think to share my “Kickstarter” page – I am asking you to do it.  Even if you can’t help financially, it will cost you nothing to share the project with everyone you know.

Sky limit

You see, if I don’t reach my ‘bare bones‘ fundraising goal of $2,500.00 for this project….then the project doesn’t happen…it disappears back behind the floodgates and is silenced.

Washed outSO…we’ve got 30 days to reach this goal – and I am counting on all of you to help me reach it – to help me share my passion, my hope, my joy with you – and the rest of the world.

Thanks so much for walking on this journey with me, I am so blessed to have you all in my life.

Love and Light,


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