Hope is a Journey….

I Knew You

 I Knew You

Before the stars painted your name in the sky

I knew you

Before the moon danced with the light of your eyes

I knew you

Before my hands ever touched your cheek


I knew you

Before my soul knew the words to speak

I knew you

Before your heart felt its’ very first beat

I knew you

Before your cry made a sound so sweet

I knew you

Before the light expelled the strife

I knew you

Before the day you came into my life

I knew you

You were my dream


You were my joy

You were my spirit


You were my boy

I knew you


I always knew you

IMG_7752 © Stefani Bush 2003

It’s amazing how ONE moment could change your life forever.  For me, that moment was becoming a mother.  I’m a little late in posting this, but it still is worthy of posting!  There’ll be more posts to update the past few months coming soon….but for now…here’s this!

A month ago, we celebrated 10 years of amazing courage, strength, inspiration, and joy.  We celebrated Will…

Will Hero1

I won’t tell you it’s all been ‘wonderful’ and ‘amazing’ – quite frankly, it has not….Will has had a journey that no child should have to travel, but despite that, he has shined through with Amazing Grace, Dignity, Optimism, and True Humility.


Will has taught me SO much about myself, so much about others, so much about this world, so much about courage, so much about perseverance….the list goes on and on.  And, instead of talking about it….I’m just going to show you the pure joy, innocence, and strength this child possesses….

And that’s just the past year!

Sure, there’s been A LOT of tough times…but my focus isn’t on that, it’s on all the WONDERFUL and BREATHTAKING moments that my sweet boy has given me.


Happy Birthday Will!!!!

More Sweetness….

Stay Tuned for MORE updates!



Love and Light,

Comments on: "I Knew You" (2)

  1. Beautiful

  2. Will Is smiling though the tough times Just like me. I Love it!

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