Hope is a Journey….

(Written December 31st into January 1st – but I forgot to post it in all the chaos!)

As one year ends and another year is waiting on the horizon, many of us find ourselves reflecting, remembering, and recalling the things that filled our lives in this past year…and then make promises and resolutions that are well intentioned but usually end up falling short of coming to fruition.  Seriously, what is so magical about January 1st?  What is it about this day that makes us want to change or believe that all our old ways will suddenly cease to exist because we left it behind along with December 31st?

As I sit here in the Intermediate Cardiac Care Unit ringing in the New Year with my dad, there’s a piece of me that desperately clings to the idea that January 1st instantly resets all of the negative things that have happened in the past 365 days….but the reality is that no matter how many New Year’s Days come and go, nothing will erase the days that have come to pass and no one single day will reset the course of my future.

You see, while this past year (and others) has brought great struggle, heartache, and uncertainty…there has also been incredible joy, promise, and blessing that has blossomed from the seeds of our hardest times.

That being said, I still take the time to reflect upon our journey throughout each year – the highs and lows…and this year is no different.

2012 was a year of flux for our family.

January started out on a real high note (insert sarcasm) with a 2 week hospital stay – probably one of the more scarier ones for me as it involved my heart, high blood pressures (I usually run quite low), and neurocardiogenic crisis.  To sum it up in a little nutshell:  Hell.  I had several more hospitalizations throughout the year…about 8 or 9 this year.  I can say, I definitely spent more time than I cared to in the hospital this past year….

I pulled papers to run for Town Meeting Rep….and won a seat representing my precinct AND supported some friends with their campaign for election and re-election:

I got to appear on the Steve Katsos Show (If you haven’t heard of him, you HAVE to check him out!!!!!)

Got to enjoy some of our favorite music (Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Air Traffic Controller)

Went to Washington DC for the Immune Deficiency Foundation with Ralph

Held some Blood Drives. Fundraisers, and a Patient Education Meeting…

Went on a Surprise Vacation to Myrtle Beach to fulfill one of Will’s ‘dreams’

Went as a family to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Had some awesome times with friends….

Shared some amazing moments with family…

Celebrated Will’s 9th Birthday

Went to Washington, D.C. to Capitol Hill and the UMDF’s Patient Education Meeting

Did some home renovations

Celebrated birthdays…..

Dabbled in photography…

Had some rough times with the kids….

Finally Celebrated Sasha’s 7th Birthday…..(the first party got canceled because my heart decided to take a vacation which ended up resulting in a ride from the paramedics to LGH and a transfer to MGH).

Was recognized was one of the Top 50 Women in the Greater Lowell Area from the Mill Era til present

Got to surprise Sasha by making her dream come true – she wanted to see Disney at Halloween

Celebrated Veteran’s Day

Remembered those who lost in tragedy….

Got to help a family in need with one of my dear friends, Kurt…and learned a lot about faith and humble love