Hope is a Journey….

How do you give thanks to the most incredible men in your life?

How do you say ‘Thank You’ for all the sleepless nights,


heartache endured,

special moments,


and joy that someone has given you?

A father should be someone who nurtures,






and believes in his child.

I’ve been so blessed to have had such a father growing up….

and even now he is all of those things (and more) not only to me, but to so many others who are not his own ‘children.’

What a blessing to know that my children also have the same qualities in their father….

I couldn’t be more proud of my father.

and I see that same pride in my children’s eyes when they look at Ralph.

I can’t even explain the peace my heart feels knowing that they have the same security, love, peace, and acceptance I had growing up.

It’s a gift that is priceless.

So today, I honor two of the most amazing men in my life.

I couldn’t be more proud to be this man’s daughter….

And this man’s wife….

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

A special thought goes out to my grandfather on this day also as he was such a wonderful father and grandfather….and I could never forget the impact he had on our lives….

Comments on: "Here’s to the most amazing men in my life…" (3)

  1. What a beautiful tribute. Happy Father’s day to Ralph and Stef’s dad! 🙂 Tracy

  2. How wonderful to have so many amazing men in your family, in your life! Wishing them all a special day today.

  3. beautiful montage….

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