Hope is a Journey….

What’s in a day????

As we fast approach the last day of 2011,

Many of us are tucking away the events of this past year and are beginning to look ahead to the year to come.

I often wonder what is so magical about January 1st.

What is it about that day that makes people so willing to abandon their vices and past troubles that they’ve carried and been captive to for the past 365 days…

And be able to cast them off miraculously – as if they suddenly were immune to the hold it had on them not even 24 hours earlier?

Maybe it’s the idea that starting fresh with the first month of a new year

Will suddenly give us this great power or this mysterious ability to be able to take that step that we somehow couldn’t take on any other day.

It’s true, I too have even fallen for the allure of New Year’s Resolutions….and probably continue to set new goals with the start of each new year (yes, a blog about my ‘new goals’ will be posted here in a few days!)

But I have a different view on the day.

You see, as important as January 1st is, it holds no greater power than March 8th, July 25th, September 1st, November 12th.  All of those days are days in which we can start fresh and anew.

The day itself doesn’t hold the power…YOU do.

The HOPE isn’t in the day…the HOPE is in YOU!

So go ahead and make your resolutions…

I think it’s great to set realistic goals…

and even a few that may be unrealistic,

It keeps us moving forward with something to desire to achieve.

It keeps our feet on the ground

And our hearts pure.


And falling short of our aspirations

Reminds us that we are alive…

And only human.

Nope…there’s no harm in setting New Year’s Resolutions…

As long as you remember – it’s not what’s in a day that matters…

It’s what’s in YOU that matters.

Love and Light,


(P.S. – And yes, after saying all of that…I will still be sitting down and writing a few goals…and dreams of my own to share with you all as the New Year begins…stay tuned!)

Comments on: "What’s in a day????" (3)

  1. As always, insiteful, encouraging thoughts and at 4 something am I’m gnashing my teeth. So its a really great thing to derail my frustration-of-the-day and send my thoughts in a different direction! Thank you Stef!

  2. So true We put way too much power in the date on the calendar. The old saying “never put off til tomorrow what you can do today” is very true when it comes to realizing your hopes and dreams. Happy New Year!

  3. So beautiful Stefani Just like you!

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