Hope is a Journey….

Burning the midnight oil…

Greetings from the studio!  Currently we are working on hour 5 in the studio this evening….with at least 3 more to go!
We’ve been having a lot of fun (as usual) here…I am excited to work with my good friend, Yahuba again (he contributed his amazing skills to the Hope Rising: The Journey CD)

And, of course….it’s always great to work again with Bob!

I have Nathan helping from clear across the country

And I even have some new faces working with me on this album –

Kurt and I have been friends for years and I am honored to work with him on this album!

I met Alex at  Whitsett Guitar while getting my guitar fixed…and when Bob (the owner of the shop) heard I needed someone to lay some electric guitar down, he shared it with Alex and he volunteered!  He did a fantastic job!!!! 🙂

Our goal is to get the percussion laid out tonight and fix a few things here and there….and then we have Yahuba’s friend coming tomorrow to play the  Fiddle and Dave from Air Traffic Controller coming to do a duet with me….it’s all falling together nicely.   At this point, all that’s left to do tomorrow is just lay down some vocals and add in additional music tracks on a few songs….but for the most part, I have 16 songs ready to go….hopefully they will all fit on the disc (you can only put about 75 or so minutes worth of music on a disk).

I’m pretty exhausted just thinking about the next two hours (and then some) and then doing it all over again tomorrow, but knowing that we’re in the home stretch gives me the push I need to make it through the next 26 hours!

I’ll update again from the studio tomorrow with progress……and hopefully, by the end of the week I’ll be able to update on the first day of school for the kids!

Don’t forget, all you local folks – Saturday from 9-3 in the parking of Kohl’s in Chelmsford, Team Hope & Children’s Hospital Boston will be hosting a blood drive.  I hope you’ll come on out and help us replenish the blood supply.  The need for all types of blood is critical!

Thanks for stopping in….if you want to keep up to date on the blog, you can click “Show YOUR Hope” button just under the “Follow my blog via email” header to your right.  I’ll be posting a few more times this week  so keep your eyes peeled!

Love and Light,


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  1. What great news! Get some rest my dear friend (don’t forget to do that! …. yes, I know you!) You know, for all your trials and tribulations, I have seen joy, strength, perserverence and love in everything. God is great and you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing. Hugs to you, Ralph and the kiddos (oh yeah, and Beast too!).

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