Hope is a Journey….

My Music

I began playing piano by the age of 5.  By the age of 13, I had written my first song, and by 18, I picked up a guitar and taught myself a thing or two.  What I didn’t realize was that I had taught myself how to play upside down, left handed, and not restrung.  To me, it felt right!  I feel that music is a piece of your soul that words cannot express.

I have always used my music as an outlet and have channeled every memorable moment into a song, but as life continued to change and bring many ups and downs, I found immense comfort and release in pouring my heart out through them.

In 2010, I recorded and released, “Hope Rising, The Journey”.  This album was not just about my music, but a journey through HOPE.

I had some help from some fun, joyful and compassionate friends who helped me to laugh, relax, and just enjoy the process….

When the album was released, I was surprised to be shipping the album to places like Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and Canada as well as here in the US.  It was a pretty fantastic feeling!

To me, the songs are more than music on an album; these songs are about a journey that many have traveled.  A journey through hope, fear, anger, loneliness, sadness, and joy.

Music is the universal language – it’s healing, comforting, and provides an outlet.  For me, it was and continues to be my way of coping with, coming to terms with, and accepting the journey that God has chosen me to travel.  It is my way of sharing with others that they are not alone.  It is my way of offering hope to those who are searching for understanding.  And it is my healing process.

I vowed that this album had ONE purpose – and that was to change at least ONE life If just one life with the music on it.  I knew it wasn’t going to make me rich monetarily – but, if it touched someone – if it moved them or gave them comfort,  then every step of my journey has been worth it.

Since the release of the album, I have received countless messages about how my music has helped them through difficult times and has provided them comfort, strength and hope.  Those words have solidified my resolve to continue to make music and to continue to reach out to others and share with them my journey.

I am in the process of recording my second album and can’t WAIT for it to be released!         


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  1. Your music is wonderful and healing. Can’t wait for your next album either.

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