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Precious, Not Promised

I’m at a loss again tonight…words seem to escape my rage filled heart.  Another precious life gone too soon because of Mitochondrial Disease.  Another family is grieving over the loss of their sweet child.  Another sobering reminder shakes me to my core reminding me that each moment is Precious, Not Promised.

Stef holding Will

It seems like, no matter how hard we try –  we find ourselves constantly swirling in the chaos of day to day life.  Between our spouses, parents, children, work, social media, social life, hobbies, extra-curricular activities, medical appointments, therapies, school…we barely manage to squeeze an extra breath in before the day is done.


And, when all is said and done…when we close our eyes to slumber, we still somehow cannot escape the frenetic and exhausting rhythm that carries us into the next sunrise.


And through it all, there is a soft whisper that beckons us….hopelessly yearning for us to hear it…reminding us that each moment is Precious, Not Promised.

whisper of the heart

Despite the whisper, the ever monotonous hustle and bustle ruthlessly drowns out the plea…and moment after moment slips through our fingers – unnoticed.


The whisper that once was….becomes a a fervent cry  audible enough that it sometimes stops us momentarily…and for that moment, that sweet, blissful moment…we find ourselves soaking in the essence of even the most mundane and seemingly unimportant occasions.


But even still….it is not enough, the call of the day to day suffocates the tears of our patient whisper…and moment after moment pours into the abyss of regret…unnoticed.


And finally, when there is nothing left…when almost every sweet and blissful moment is nearly extinguished by our careless ways, that whisper screams with rage and heartache because it knows that the moment has passed, the tears will fall, and regret will soak our every breath.  It mounts one final desperate attempt….and, in the 11th hour, somehow it manages to rise up from the ashes of ‘too late’ and pierce our hearts with a deafening scream.

cry out kerekes[23]

The time is now….


Embrace it.

Beepa Hugging Sasha

Cherish it.

Dad and Will Beach

Hold it.


Love it.


Live it.

Will Boogey Board

We only have each moment ONCE…and no matter how deep our anguish, we will never be able to retrieve, replace it, or change it.


Don’t let precious moments pass you by because life got in the way.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos, the responsibilities, the technology.  Sadly, even I am guilty of it more than I’d like to admit.  But lately, the whisper has been screaming at me – begging and pleading for me to slow down, step back, give more, fear less, and live every second as if I will never get it back, because – truth is….I won’t.  None of us will.


And while we may never be able to get back the moments we’ve lost…we have the power, the privilege, and the opportunity to hold steadfast to the ones before us and fiercely embrace them.


Each moment is Precious, Not Promised….the choice is yours what you will do with it.


Love and Light,


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