Hope is a Journey….


*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Testing, testing….1,2,3…..

What you are about to read is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the letter “R” for “RESPECT” and the number ONE as that’s all it takes to make a difference.

Growing up, I was no stranger to encounters with individuals who were unkind, distasteful, and just plain old mean.

Elementary school, grade school, middle school, and high school all had their fair share of bullies, liars, and gossip freaks.

I never really understood the lure of being hurtful, hateful, or spiteful to others.

I never really grasped how lying, cheating, or inciting fear in others really held anything more than a selfish and twisted personal gain.

I guess I just grew up on a different side of the tracks…

When I graduated high school, I just assumed that we had all ‘grown up‘ and put our big kid panties on…

and took the training wheels off our bikes…

But sadly, some of us just never learned how to play nicely in the sandbox.

When I was in college, I figured it was just that some people just took longer to mature…

But I began to realize when I was in my late 20’s that SOME people just NEVER grow up…

And now…in the age of social media, the nastiness and bullying has taken on a new light.

Children are learning to tear down others with the click of a mouse…

And grown ups find new found courage to be nasty and vindictive by using words as their sword as they hide behind the shield of a computer screen.

Yes, we are in uncharted territory my friends…

Welcome to the land of the free (to do what you want to do without repercussions)

and home of the brave (enough to spew hate from your living room computer with every key stroke you make)



Many are too afraid to take a stand against injustice, bullies, hate speech, fear mongering….

Some believe that, if we just ignore the aggressor, they will go away….

And still, others are just too afraid to do anything for fear of retaliation…

But the cold hard fact remains that SILENCE gives permission to continue.

SILENCE gives power to the sword and the shield.

SILENCE is a muzzle created by fear.

SILENCE speaks VOLUMES…and people are listening.

Here’s where the letter “R” comes into play.

You see, you can agree to disagree with someone

You can dislike the person…

You can decide you don’t ever want to be friends with someone like that person…

But we must always give respect to others, no matter what.

Because once you lose respect, you lose your humanity.

Here’s where the number ONE comes into play…

The power that ONE person has is

And that power should be used for good.

We must remember that it only takes ONE person to change ONE life…

ONE person can change ONE heart…

ONE person can change the flame of despair into the light of HOPE.

We must also keep in mind that ONE person can destroy ONE life…

ONE person can destroy ONE heart…

And ONE person can destroy the flame of HOPEwith just one breath

We must be willing and ready to stand up for what is RIGHT.


Here’s my promise to you:

I promise to stand up to injustice, hatred, and gossip.

I promise to fight for what is right, pure, and true.

I promise to be steadfast in my convictions.

I promise to NEVER let fear muzzle me – no matter what the consequences.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life played out like Wizard of Oz????

The road you need to take is paved with gold….

Lollipops sing and dance….

Even the most hostile attacks against good are thwarted…

The terror of a tyrant is defeated by the most unsuspecting heroes….

Dreamers dare to dream….

A heart blossoms like a flower…

Common sense prevails over influence…

Courage wiggles it’s whiskers…

and the Man Behind The Curtain is not as “Great and Powerful” as he claims to be….

Yes, it would be nice….but sadly, I do not see “OZ” on our horizon.

I see a crossroads in front of us.

We are at the precipice…

We either

OR we take a seat.

And if we take a seat, we will never be able to stand back up again.

YOU hold the power to

It’s a choice…and the choice is yours.

Choose Wisely….

Our children are watching.

I choose to STAND TALL,






Always Remember….

and NEVER EVER forget…

SO…..Who’s with me????

Love and Light….and ALL my


Comments on: "Brought to you by the letter “R” and the number 1" (5)

  1. I am with you and will not be silenced! Thank you so much for such inspirational words!

  2. Thanks Stefani … It reminds me of why they call me the Mama Bear. No compromise of your values, stand tall, and defend those that can not defend themselves. Be the number one with good value and principles and never, ever ride the fence!!!

  3. Karen Wheat said:

    Nicely put, Stef. I hope people read it and take it to heart!!

    Common courtesy…it shouldn’t be a thing of the past. When I was in grade school, I was bullied and was attacked multiple times every week. Instead of making me harsh, it caused me to have compassion for those underdogs around me. There is a reason that the “Golden Rule” states “Do unto others as YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU”…

  4. Jean Shepherd said:

    Very timely, Stefani! Thank you. Bullies forget where they hid their love … and often are easily led away from looking for their love by peer pressure.

  5. Anne Washington said:

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