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Together…but apart

My “Mito Sisters” and I like to do lots of things together. We met because we all share the same diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease.  Although that was what brought us together, we learned that there were so many other wonderful and amazing things that we could do together and our closeness has been a closeness that has been such a blessing in my life.  We were able to understand the struggles but, more importantly – together, we were able to overcome them….
We like to laugh and enjoy time  together….

We like to go sledding together..And Celebrate Holidays Together….

We like to celebrate special moments with each other

Run fundraising events together…

And when hard times come….we are there for each other…
But these past few days have been ones I never want to relive….all 4 of us have been in the hospital at the same time….together, but apart…..

It has been incredibly hard to know that the people that you care about most are struggling and you can’t be there…by their side….bringing comfort, support, care, smiles,  and strength.
This is how it’s supposed to be…..all of us together…..

These past 4 days have been a reminder to me of just how unpredictable, powerful, and unmerciful this disease can be…..and a reminder that I should  continue to cherish ALL the precious moments as they come and to never take anything for granted….

Sending love and prayers to my sisters….and all of those who are struggling, hurting, and in need of support tonight….


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